Hello, my name is Adam Sarafian. I am from the Jersey Shore and currently attend the University of Georgia in Athens. My mother owns a gymnastics schools, Aerials Gymnastics, where I grew up. Click the logo to see my mothers Cool Gym. Also My father has a sports photography website called Fliptography. Click on his link to see some awesome pictures.

Vaultography was created so my friends and family could see my pole vaulting and some of my other adventures. I would like to branch out and host anyone's pole vault video. Visit HERE for more information

A new Era
The Vaultography T-Shirt!

Are you a Georgia resident and want to compete in a summer meet? I have the perfict place for you! Its called the Georgia games. The 2008 Georgia Games Track and Field Championships will be on July 18th, 19th, and 20th. The meet is open to any residents of Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Each athlete (age 8 and up) will have the opportunity to qualify for a regional or national meet in their age group. Click HERE to go to the website

Ouch. The first meet of the season is still in the news. Indoor season is over and 5.20m was the final conclusion. My back held up through out the season but two weeks ago I hurt it again. I am doing some physical theorpy and hopefully I will be back in action soon. (P.S. School is kicking my butt so thats why I am a little slow to update) - UPDATE My 2008 outdoor season is over and I didn't jump high at all. My back didn't do well but I am preparing for a great senior year!

Team UGA had a meet at UF, the men did well, check it out in pole tube.

Pole Tube is strutting its stuff with a college and high school all american on the site. Go there and find out who!

WOW!!! over one hundred people from over 5 countries visited the site on its inception day! Thank you

UGA practice
Scott Houston PR jumps!

I got a new website!! It took a little while to build and it was a bit frustrating at times but it is finally up and hopefully looks decent. Please feel free to e-mail myself or Lisa, the other website creator with any coments or concerns. PLEASE E-MAIL ME WITH PROBLEMS!! I am still a fairly new web designer and would not call my self an expert, comments on the site are very helpful no matter what they are.

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